Andy Powers

Welcome to the official website of Clique founder and CEO Andy Powers. A man of the future, Andy Powers dedicates his life to exploring the unexplored. A pioneer in digital application distribution, an investment wizard, and an epic visionary, Andy is one of the world’s most provocative thinkers whose influence on the development and enhancement of digital communication services has revolutionized the way humanity connects and communicates.


coach, coder, business builder, andentrepreneurial philanthropist

A successful entrepreneur of the nth degree, Andy takes it upon himself to find solutions for the world’s most glaring connectivity problems. When he founded Clique in 2006, also known as CliqueAPI, (formerly known as CommuniClique), the goal was to create communication application programming interfaces (APIs) for global adoption and use, of which he has been widely successful. While Andy oversees Clique’s overall operations, he particularly enjoys building the future of digital communication at CliqueLabs. His focus on the health of his employees and business partners has led to an innovative wellness program at Clique, which reflects his own passion for a holistic and balanced lifestyle.

Andy also developed what he calls the TWO-EIGHT initiative, which aims to return the 28 minutes per day that are wasted waiting for conference calls back to the almost 3 billion people without access to a platform like Clique. It’s an initiative focused on the seamless connection of people who would otherwise be unable to connect with their partners and coworkers efficiently.

At the same time, Andy Powers is the founder of Sabotage Institute; a D.C.-based startup lab focused on breaking the conventions of today in order to build the future of tomorrow. A diligent tech investor and entrepreneur, Andy has contributed in the early rounds of hundreds of companies, including GroupMe, Speek, and even ride sharing behemoth, Uber. His investment office, Empower Investments, as well as LP relationships with multiple funds, enables him to reach for the stars in futures while maintaining his focus on solving the communication and connectivity problems of tomorrow. As director of the Empower Foundation, Andy invests in organizations that promote unencumbered communication, universal human dignity, efficient governance, and the connection initiatives required to bring under-connected neighbors in the D.C. metro area onto the main grid.

Andy is a proud Virginia native hailing from the Richmond area but has recently packed up and moved to Los Angeles with his wife, five kids, horse, two dogs and a cat as Clique’s new office on Venice Beach opens its doors. Not your typical CEO, Andy is an avid runner, has participated in over 20 marathons, trains regularly with a professional boxer, and spends a great deal of time coding and making websites for friends and family.

Visit the About Andy Powers page to learn more about Andy Powers’ ambition in the communication sector. Furthermore, be sure to check out the Andy Powers Business Involvement page to learn about CommuniClique’s inception as well as gain insight into his ideas for a brighter future of seamless, unified, and accessible communication for all.