Andy Powers Business Involvement

Andy Powers has redefined what it means to be a founder and CEO in the dizzying climate of the modern tech industry. A savvy businessman with an uncanny sense for profitable investment opportunities, he is a leader amongst entrepreneurs in communication technology. His business ventures have created technological breakthroughs that have impacted the entire world, and he continues to utilize his personal and professional successes to guide his business decisions. Ultimately, Andy is a coder, coach, business builder, entrepreneurial philanthropist, and family man who has dedicated his entire career to designing the future.


Andy always had a strong passion for building computers, for which his skill was borderline criminal. When his basketball career was cut short, and he needed to earn money, he set out on his first entrepreneurial endeavor, building and selling PCs where he was living in Richmond, VA. With a thorough investigation into his competitors, Andy learned that he could do it cheaper than most retailers, and used his reputation as an independent contractor to connect with larger enterprises in the area. What started as a hardware building and repair business quickly became more server-focused, eventually shifting his entire focus away from hardware and into server construction.

This initiative caught the attention of Ed Iacobucci, former IBM developer and founder of Citrix, who brought Andy on as the first Citrix reseller, partner and integrator. This further established Andy as a major player in the tech arena as his experience at Citrix would lead him away from hardware reselling and into the coding and creation of service platforms. This was all at a time before the Internet was as largely popular and accessible as it is now, making Andy a pioneer in digital application redistribution. As Andy’s net worth expanded, so did his interest in investing. A lawsuit was settled regarding a dispute in Citrix’s IP, at which point Andy decided to break out onto his own.

In 2006, Andy became the founder of CommuniClique with the purpose of building products to compete with other containerized communications companies who provide voice, video, and messaging as a collaborative service. The intention is to enforce conference start times by cutting out software downloads and wait times, while still providing the best quality HD calls. CommuniClique has evolved into CliqueAPI, consulting and partnering with other businesses that can utilize the many APIs made available by Clique.

With a keen sense for profitable investment opportunities, Andy Powers has proven himself as an impressive futures scout. Most notably, back in 2009, Andy was one of the initial investors in the world’s largest ride-sharing company, Uber.

Smart investments appear to be a guilty pleasure of Andy’s, as Clique isn’t the only active company he’s involved with. He was also the founder of Sabotage Institute, a different form of venture capital. It combines early-stage investing and company building in order to create better startups at a faster rate and with less risk. Mobile apps like GroupMe and Speek are products of Sabotage Institute.

Another primary function of Sabotage Institute is the exploration of disruptive ideas that have the potential to redefine the world as we know it. Investor interest in concepts like flying cars and untapped alternative energy sources is at an all-time high, as these are just a couple topics of conversation at Sabotage.

An investigation into Andy’s motivations for such ambitions would reveal a person who is ultimately less concerned with money and his net worth, and more concerned with providing for his family. He will attest that he’s guilty of being a family man first, and a businessman second.

A criminal on the basketball court and a rightful champion in his personal and professional endeavors, Andy Powers knows that no lawsuit or unfounded miscommunication can slow what’s already in motion. Andy Power’s investment prowess drives his exceptional ability to identify the potential of profitable business opportunities, while his ability to lead and mentor as CliqueAPI’s CEO enables him to build sought-after technology solutions for some of the world’s most glaring digital communications problems.