Finding Something for You to Do

“Finding something for you to do for me is just another thing for me to do.” #GiveFirst

I read this blog post by Brad Feld last week and I thought it was very interesting. It inspired me to jot my own thoughts about the subject.

This has been a particularly challenging year for a few different reasons. Clique has been working through some regulatory challenges, my family and Business moved to Los Angeles and as the company continues to get bigger and more complex my time is very strained and my ability to engage in quality activities with loved ones is getting harder and harder.

The basic idea, as I understood it, from the post is to be thoughtful when you engage with people (especially those you care about). We’re all going through something tough or challenging or stressful. If we’ve done it right, the people that have access to us are the people who have proven to be thoughtful and care and they should want to be valuable and not burdensome. They would want to know that “Finding something for you to do for me is just another thing for me to do.” If your standing here, then you already know whats going on with me. Be helpful or don’t be but, don’t create a bigger to-do list for me just to relieve yourself of the burden of being thoughtful.

There’s a movie called SuperMensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon that taught me a lot about the art of #GiveFirst. Also, the Book Give and Take by Adam Grant is  a great resource. We’ve developed an entire Business Development model around Adam’s philosophy.


11:57 AM October 26, 2018