About Andy

Andy Powers is not your typical CEO. Andy is a programmer, coach, entrepreneurial philanthropist, business builder, and family man, who has dedicated his career to designing the future. To learn about his business ventures, check out his LinkedIn profile. To learn about the man himself, continue below.


Since a young age, Andy has been skilled in the sport of basketball, which led to multiple scholarship opportunities right out of high school. He chose to attend Virginia Commonwealth University. Andy’s interest in college was more associated with his love of sport than it was for formal education, so he dropped out, unashamed, and prepared to apply his talent, knowledge, and intellect in ways that would eventually transform the world as we know it: The sport of business, investing, entrepreneurship, and winning.

With an uncanny eye for lucrative investment opportunities, Andy Powers has proven himself as a hawk in the venture capital world by making early investments in companies like Reggie Software and GroupMe. Most notably, Andy was an early investor in the world’s most successful ride-sharing company, Uber.

His investment prowess drives his exceptional ability to identify the potential of profitable business opportunities, but it’s never been the driving factor in his quest for personal wealth and fulfillment. For that, you’d have to look to his wife, Maggie Powers, and his five children, all of whom push Andy to be the best father, husband, businessman and person he can possibly be.

A big believer in time optimization, Andy sees the value of every minute of every day, working at a pace and intensity that few can rival. His belief in the power of creative thinking and brainstorming has led to his involvement in many of the risk-taking and creative efforts from which he’s built his success.

Although, it’s not all business for Andy Powers. When he isn’t running marathons, the Clique founder and CEO still enjoys playing ball, and now that the new company office sits conveniently off Venice Beach, Andy and his team can walk right across the street to the classic court shown in the 1992 film White Men Can’t Jump for a little afternoon shootaround or pick-up game. His family, his horse, his dogs and of course, his cat, are what push him to build upon the success of his business ventures while sharing his investment talents with the greatest technological entrepreneurs in the world.

Andy Powers is a CEO on a mission, and that mission is to empower businesses everywhere to meet their full potential, without the need to sacrifice a high standard of communication efficacy. In the end, every second of communication breakdown works against an organization, and Andy knows it better than anyone. Check out his LinkedIn profile and continue to explore the site to learn more about Andy Powers’ business involvement and his vision for seamless, unified, and uninterrupted communications, and ultimately, a more connected future for us all.